Voice Analytics

Voice Analytics (aka Speech Analytics) uses the power of voice recognition technology to enable a business to analyse one, or millions of calls for quality assurance, compliance and competitive intelligence purposes.

You can read more about the technology in our speech analytics glossary term but while you are here I’ve listed some benefits below.

Benefits of Voice Analytics

Voice Analytics technology essentially transcribes every call into text.

But as well as identifying every word that has been spoken, Voice Analytics also has the power to detect emotion.

By combining the power of both, Voice Analytics can help supercharge your insight into:

Customer Satisfaction

How many customers say the word ‘cancel’?

What if suddenly there is a spike in customers calling about network issues?

The insight available enables you to quickly identify trends, hot issues and more so your business can take action to resolve issues.


Call centre agents not completing identity checks?

Providing the wrong advice?

You can quickly identify issues and even pull up the identified calls and listen to (or read) the entire transcript.

Quality Assurance

Remember how voice analytics can detect emotion?

Imagine if you could identify the agent that has the highest proportion of angry customers?

Or customers that started off passive and then became angry?

Voice Analytics enables an insight that just previously not available to call centre managers.

This enables new forms of coaching, training and incentives to be developed.

Customer Intel

Customers asking about new features?

Customers mentioning offers from your competitors?

You’ll be powered with an amazing insight that can be fed back into your business to respond to market conditions.

How to find suppliers of Voice Analytics technology

As you’ve probably now realised, Voice Analytics is a great way to identify trends and patterns/root cause analysis across large volumes of calls.

But as well as being a historical tool it can also work in real-time, so potentially the voice analytics technology can flag when a customer is getting angry and then notify a Team Leader who can then listen in to the call and provide immediate coaching and support.

If you are serious about improving your customer experience then it really is a must-have tool.

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