Speech Analytics

Speech analytics (aka Voice Analytics) uses Speech Recognition technology to analyse voice recordings (or live customer calls) for quality assurance purposes or to easily identify trends and patterns across millions of call centre calls.

And as well as identifying commonly used words or phrases, Speech Analytics is now also able to detect emotions and stress in a customers voice making it an incredibly powerful tool in improving both agent performance and the entire customer experience.

How does Speech Analytics Work?

Speech Analytics relies on speech recognition software to essentially transcribe a call into text.

Once the call is in a text format, it turns the call (or calls) into easily searchable and actionable data.

Want to know how many times someone said ‘refund’ or ‘I want to cancel’?

No problems.

The Speech Analytics software can simply present all the calls containing that word or phrases instantly on your dashboard.

It can even queue up the call at the exact point the word or phrase is used saving you time listening to the whole call.

Benefits of Speech Analytics

With technology becoming more and more powerful, it is now possible to have two types of Speech Analytics:


You can use speech analytics in real-time which can a useful coaching tool.

The Team Leader could set up alerts to detect emotions such as anger, distress or certain words like ‘escalate’ so they can immediately use remote listening to tune into the call and provide coaching either through the phone or side-by-side as needed to the agent.


For Quality Assurance and Process Improvement, speech analytics provides unprecedented insight into customer calls.

Whether it’s to analyse an individual agents performance or analyse millions of calls to identify trends, the application of speech analytics offers an exciting future.

Marketing teams, for example, will love it.

Speech Analytics has the power to mine hundreds of thousands of calls to find valuable intel on what customers are saying.

You could literally get a report that provides insight into how many customers said “you are too expensive” and feedback that in near real-time enable your business to respond to changing marketing conditions.

How to find suppliers of Speech Analytics Technology 

Some of the latest contact centre technology solutions will include Speech Analytics capability and there is also a growing number of third-party suppliers that enable you to ‘bolt-on’ a Speech Analytics solution to your existing call centre technology platform.

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