Wrap Time

Wrap time (aka After Call Work or ACW) is the time used by the agent following the end of a call to complete any administrative tasks like updating notes about the conversation, process orders etc.

Wrap up time is one component of the Average Handling Time metric.

Is Wrap time good or bad?

It’s a bit like asking if you are an Apple or Android user.

You will have both sides passionately argue their case (I’m Apple for the record).

The reason for the wrap time debate comes down to what’s better for the customer as well as what systems allow you to do.

Putting the systems issues to one side, let’s try a little experiment.

  • Agent 1 spends 100 seconds on a call and then 100 seconds in wrap time. Total time of 200 seconds.
  • Agent 2 spends 200 seconds on a call with 0 seconds wrap time. Also a total time of 200 seconds

So both agents have the same efficiency.

But what’s best for the customer?

Agent 1 only kept the customer on the line for 100 seconds whereas Agent 2 kept the customer on the line for 200 seconds, double the time.

Wrap time and systems

Sometimes there is no choice in the matter as the call centre system (or support systems) can only be accessed after a call has been terminated.

The Final Wrap

I know, clever right đŸ™‚

Ultimately deciding whether it’s a better strategy to keep the customer on the phone until the transaction is completely finalised or letting them go as soon as possible both have merit.

If you need to provide customers with a reference number, for example. That can normally only be obtained once a case is logged into the system meaning the customer has to stay on the line until the agent has finished their notes right?

In the old days, maybe.

But why not just text the case number to the customer once the agent has finished writing up all their notes so the customer doesn’t have to wait on the line.

With so much technology available to call centre managers these days, I’m in the camp of letting the customer go as soon as you can.

As much as I’m sure your call centre staff are awesome, I’m sure they have better things to do.

And remember less customer effort equals more customer loyalty.

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