4 Team Building Ideas for Call Centres

4 team building ideas for contact centres

4 Free Team Building Ideas for Call Centres

Call Centres are typically full of lots of people and whilst not a revolving door, it’s not uncommon to have high employee turnover.

This can result in situations where there are lots of colleagues you don’t really know other than some small talk before shifts and quick chats in-between the elusive breaks between calls.

To help, I’ve got 4 team building ideas for call centres that can get help in giving your team a chance to learn more about each other.

The ideas below are simple to set up and in the days of reducing budgets, you’ll be happy to know they are also zero cost (except maybe for an award)!

Of course, these don’t just apply to contact centres so feel free to share with any other teams within your organisation.

As we all know though, contact centres are the leaders when it comes to team building!

Team Building Ideas for Call Centre that really work

1. Trivia Quiz

Who doesn’t love a trivia quiz to play at work?

But what if you could combine some general trivia with some questions that are designed to get the team interacting with each other to find out the answers…

Well, guess what?

We’ve built some for you!

You can download the template to use straight away in your call centre/contact centre/workplace.

Each month or so we publish a new one so you’ve got no excuses – get to it!

Check out our downloads page for the latest trivia quizzes.

We know how busy managing a team can be so we’ve made it simple – just add in a few details about your team, print it off and hand it out!

Another tip: Combine the quiz with work-related questions to ensure agents are keeping up to date with product and services information.




2. Office Olympics

Nothing like a bit of competitive sport to encourage team bonding and build morale in your call centre!

To ensure agents of all sizes, shapes and age can participate choose a variety of games that agents can participate in during breaks.

Some ideas include:

  • Basketball/handball competitions
  • Obstacle courses
  • Darts (either on a dartboard or trying to pop balloons)
  • Ballon Legs (run while having to hold a balloon between your legs without using your hands!)
  • Mini golf
  • Egg and spoon (you may want to substitute the egg for a potato to reduce mess!)
  • Sack races
  • Throw the ball in a bucket
  • Indoor bowling

To maximise the impact, spread out the games over a week and have a scoreboard on the wall.

This will enable everyone to follow the progress and allow staff who aren’t on the same shifts to still participate.

You can have prizes for the best individual performance, best team etc.

If you are lucky enough to work in a call centre that has quiet periods (are they just a myth?) then you can even allow staff to compete in one of the activities during a down period.

If you aren’t sure how to determine the quiet periods check out our Call Centre Calculator that uses Erlang formulas to determine how many staff you need to meet Service Levels (along with some other nifty handy features)

3. Baby Photos

A bit of a classic but always a great way to assist your agents in getting to know each other better.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Ask each agent to bring in a picture of themselves as a young child.
  2. Put all the photos up on a wall (without the names of course!) and add a number
  3. Give all the agents a sheet of paper with the corresponding numbers and a blank space
  4. Agents write down the team members name they think is the baby next to their corresponding number
  5. First person to hand in the completed sheet with all the correct names wins!



4. Dress up/Theme Days

If there is one thing call/contact centres are good for its dress-up days!

Whether it’s a specific theme like Halloween, Movie Stars, Footy Teams etc getting everyone involved in a dress-up theme can be a fun way to spend a day!

To make sure it’s a success, ensure that everyone gets involved (especially the managers) and give people ample time to prepare.

Some prizes for best-dressed individuals and teams can also help reward (and encourage) those who make the extra effort.

Better yet, make everyone jealous of how good your workplace is and send the photos to our Facebook page đŸ™‚

Looking for more great ideas?

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