Australian call centre outsourcer caught in crossfire

Fundraising efforts by the NSW Rural Fire Service Association, a registered charity set up to support volunteer Firey’s in the NSW Rural Fire Service, is in the spotlight after it was revealed that almost 58c in every dollar donated via raffle ticket sales and donation drives — $13.7 million — has gone to commercial telemarketer Contact Centres Australia (who have now rebranded to One Contact to “to better reflect the diverse nature of contact services we provide to our clients every day – all with one point of contact”).

One Contact, which lists Rio Tinto and Colgate among its commercial clients, states “every dollar counts so our focus is to deliver highly effective campaigns and maximum value for money.” According to information on their website, OneContact operates from two sites in Australia, one in New Zealand and they recently opened a fourth office in Jakarta that looks after their quality assurance and software development.

There has been no suggestion that Contact Centres Australia has done anything wrong.  Calls to OneContact for comment however have gone unanswered (and their contact us email address doesn’t work) so it is unclear if the telemarketing activities were being conducted from the Australian operations or New Zealand.  As a registered charity if the work was being conducted from Australia the campaign would be exempt from the Do Not Call legislation.

You can read the full article on the Daily Telegraph here.

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