Melbourne call centre outsourcer BMS Interactive closes its doors


BMS Interactive announces closure

There are reports coming in that local Australian call centre outsourcer BMS interactive closed their doors unexpectedly on 14 March 2017. BMS started in 2000 and at its peak employed close to 500 staff in Richmond, Victoria.

In September 2015 they rebranded from BMS Telecorp to BMS Interactive and in that same year were awarded the winners of BPO Outsourcer of the Year by the Auscontact Association.

Attempts to contact BMS Interactive representatives on several occasions via several people have gone unanswered however various reports on Social Media suggest that staff were told to leave the premises suddenly yesterday.

We will provide further information as it becomes available. Both the Victorian Government and the Auscontact Association are on standby to lend whatever support is required to ensure the staff receive all the support they need.

This comes on the back of Sydney based outsourcer Customers 1to1 closing its operations on 23rd December 2016 and CallActive, a Melbourne based outsourcer that at its peak employed 1,300 staff on 30 November 2015.

Update: CEO Andrew Brydon has provided an update on the closure.

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