Advantages of Multilingual Call Centre Services

Advantages of Multilingual Call Centre Services

Advantages of Multilingual Call Centre Services for Companies

How a Multilingual Call Centre can give you the edge in business. 

Every business strives to become more global and extend its reach over time or find better ways to service their customers. 

They also try to adjust and innovate according to the customers’s expectations and we’ve seen this reflected in the multiple channels of communication emerging like online self-service, social media, emails, SMS, live chats and more.

Of course, voice is still a preferred channel so there has been an extensive focus on improving voice channel support since it is one of the most favoured services for a lot of countries including the US, Australia, UK, Germany, Brazil, Japan, etc.

Another method that is widely implemented by the business owners to respond to their clients’ needs in the international market is by offering multilingual call centre services.

In multilingual call centre support, the services of a company are offered to the customers in a wide range of global languages.

The main aim of this type of service is to enable businesses to reach and serve diverse customers regardless of their location or the language they speak.

In this article, we will discuss how and why companies should offer multilingual customer support to grow and strengthen their business.

Things to Remember While Opting for Multilingual Customer Support

If you have decided to invest in multilingual customer service, then you must keep a few things in mind before employing it. They are:

1. Research the different languages your clients speak

Have a thorough check on where you are getting most of the traffic from or the countries that offer you significant sales.

Also, check with your frontline team whether they have trouble understanding the client’s language or being understood by them.

In Australia, the census is a great source of data where you can identify population numbers by ethnicity and more (2016 was the last one, 2021 will be the next one).

2. Focus on the native speakers

Most of the time, international clients speak English for their business transactions and inquiries.

However, when it comes to other things apart from business, they like speaking in their native language so if you are looking to boost sales or improve customer service, the key is enabling them to converse in the language that is most comfortable to them.

For example, in the case of travel arrangements, clients feel more comfortable speaking in their native tongue even if they are multilingual.

3. Ensure your website is multilingual

Before associating with a company, some clients like doing their own research while others opt for emails, chats, or calls.

Therefore, to support the former, you can encourage their self-service activity by releasing your website in a variety of languages.

It will enable your clients to find the desired information without contacting the representative.

It might even help you to minimise the service tickets since the visitors can find solutions to their queries by looking at your help centre or website.

Most websites have the capability to automatic translate languages based on the geographical location of the customer.

7 Advantages of Multilingual Call Centre Services for Businesses

Customers tend to feel more comfortable with the call centre representatives who can speak in their native language rather than other languages.

It hugely elevates their experience and makes communication flow more smoothly.

Multilingual support will not only improve the customer experience but it will also help companies to build a good reputation in their industry.

Various other advantages which it can offer to your company are as follows:

1. Facilitates easy communication

Since multilingual contact centres allow customers with the option of speaking in their native language, they can express their issues comfortably and without the added complications of having language barriers.

The representatives, on the other hand, can also communicate with them freely to understand their concerns and address them appropriately.

It also increases the efficiency and quality of your service by avoiding misinterpretations, thereby closing sales and resolving the tickets at a much faster rate.

In the end, your clients will feel heard, valued, and understood by your business.

2. Improves loyalty among SaaS customers

Recent research confirmed that 29% of the businesses had lost clients for not providing native language support.

Offering support in the customer’s native language has been shown to increase customer loyalty with 70% of customers agreeing they feel more loyal towards a company offering multilingual call centre services.

67% of end-users also said that they are willing to switch companies that do not offer the same.

3. Offers a competitive edge

The buying decision of a client ultimately depends on his/her choice.

Some will prefer to choose an affordable option while others can spend even dollars if that can assure them an exceptional service.

In most of the cases, the company which usually wins the heart of its customer provides customised support in their native language.

So, offering multilingual support can help your business to stand out among the competitors in the saturated markets and can help you to attract certain market segments that will be profitable to your company.

Also, speaking in their language can help you to establish a strong emotional connection and that emotional connection is strongly linked to customer retention.

3. Resolve product or service issues

Product or service issues are one of the main reasons for losing clients.

As such, it’s imperative that you make it as easy as possible for customers to raise issues and get resolutions as quickly as possible without any sort of delays.

One of the ways to avoid losing customers is to enable them to access customer support in the desired support in their language of choice.

Studies suggested that 58% of the people will wait a longer time to receive support in their own language.

4. Assures client satisfaction and loyalty

No matter where you are and what type of services your company offers, you can boost client satisfaction and loyalty towards your brand by offering assistance in their native language.

Another method that businesses can implement is by permitting their clients to air the issues in the local language.

Providing easy purchase and enquiry options for non-native English clients can also increase your chances of converting them into your regular and long-term prospects.

5. Augment business sales

Apart from elevating the loyalty of your customers, it can also help you to extend your reach across the globe.

Hence, having a wider reach of domestic and international clientele can help expand your global footprint.

You can further enhance your conversion rates and sales by offering company information and product details in multiple languages.

You can mostly target those locations where the people usually do not speak English.

6. Improve self-service

If you are planning to expand your business operations to multiple countries, then you need to be ready to handle more client inquiries!

But that doesn’t mean you have to handle more enquiries.

A tip that you can use is engaging experts for translating your product guides along with User Manuals, Knowledge Bases, product specifications etc.

It can substantially help in minimising enquiries (and improving customers satisfaction) if customers are able to self-service.

7. Strengthens global position

When it comes to non-native English speakers, they might not feel 100% comfortable while expressing their concerns or discussing their technical requirements even if they speak and understand English.

That is why if you are looking to expand your services and improve your market share globally, then research the demographic information about your potential clients and find out their preferred choice of language.

Offer them with a choice to communicate in the language they feel comfortable rather than just forcing them to adjust with your services.

In that way, doing business with your business will be even easier!

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