10 Memes that describe my Call Centre Faces

10 Memes that describe my call centre faces

My Call Centre Faces

One of the benefits of working in a call centre is that the customer can’t see your face.

Which is just as well because seriously, I make plenty of faces throughout the day as I have to deal with a variety of different customers.

And managers.

And don’t even start me on the call centre systems!

Yep, I’m pretty much making faces all day.

Let me know if you can relate to any of these or perhaps you also have a few different ones?

Let me know in the comments below.

10 Memes that describe my Call Centre Faces

1. The “customer ‘threatening to take their business elsewhere’ face

It’s like they actually think that by threatening to take their business elsewhere I will curl up into a ball and start sobbing uncontrollably whilst I beg them to please stay with us and I’ll throw all this free stuff at you.

Well let me tell you this Mr Customer, no business likes dealing with assholes and ours certainly won’t miss you.

Want a little tip? If you want good customer service, be a good customer.

The customer is threatening to take their business elsewhere call centre face

2. All the systems have gone down” face

Is there a greater sentence in the call centre vocabulary?

You know what it’s like – you are counting down the minutes until you can log out of the phone and then in a sheer moment of joyous bliss, your Team Leader  (Who at this point is about to have a heart attack) says those brilliant words.

Presto – free break time.

Don’t hurry IT dude, I can amuse myself for hours without having to take a single call.

All the systems have gone down call centre face


3. “All this job has going for it is great gossip material” face

Is there a better workplace for gossip than a call centre?

Stacks of people from various age groups all shoved together in small space, sharing the same break times, shifts etc. I mean what could go wrong?

All this job has going for it is great gossip call centre face

4. I’m copping an earful of abuse here but I must keep my cool” face

Most companies have a policy that you aren’t allowed to hang up on a customer unless they are swearing at you, or making threats.

That still leaves a whole lot of room for customers to be absolute pricks!

Some days it takes my absolute best to just smile, and still try and assist the customer.

I'm copping an earful of abuse call centre face

5. I can’t survive the day without constantly snacking on junk food face

Birthdays, sports days, team building days – you name it, if there is one place you can count on finding lots of comfort food its typically in a call centre.

And with all that stress dealing with nasty customers, there’s no harm in sneaking in a few snacks is there?

I can't survive a shift without junk food face

6. Seriously, I’ve got one bloody minute until the end of my shift and the phone rings face

You know the days – the clock seems suspended in time and just doesn’t seem to be getting even close to home time.

But eventually, the end of the shift is so close you can smell it. 4 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes – still no calls.

Come on baby, just one more minute and I’m out of here…

And then just as you are about to hit that log out button…

Are you f&$@ing me????

I've got one bloody minute until the end of my shift face

7. When the customer is complaining about the long wait times’ face

I just love it when a customer complains about waiting 15 minutes to get through.

Well, I’m 6 hours into my shift so do you really think I give a shit how long you’ve been waiting for???

By you having a whinge is just taking up more valuable time causing delays to the next customer.

Nobody likes delays but just suck it up and move on.

Look at all the f*cks I do not give

8. I don’t want to hear your life story’ face

I just love those customers that despite the fact they are just ringing to pay a bill, they feel its critical to explain their entire family history, what they did last week in excruciatingly painful detail or provide their commentary on the latest news event.

Seriously I don’t mind my job but I have no intention of dying here so hurry up!

I don't want to hear your life story call centre face

9. I need to go to my happy place’ face

The relentless calls, stats, noise, grumpy customers, annoying colleagues, overpaid bosses etc.

Sometimes I need to just mentally escape from it all and go to my happy place for a while.

Often in the middle of a call.

I need to go to my happy place face

10. I’ve made it to the end of my shift and I have no voice left’ face

Heard the line “nothing left in the tank”?

Its often used by the sporting type but it applies equally to the call centre worker.

After talking non-stop on the phones all day, I literally have no voice left to spare!

I have no voice left call centre face


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