Australian call centres longest wait times
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Australian call centres longest wait times 

In Channels Nine’s latest bid for a Walkley Award, reporter Nat Wallace’s investigation has revealed Australia’s longest call centre wait times. Its a hard-hitting piece of journalism that leaves no stone unturned in hunting down the worst offenders.

Offshore Call Centres

Is Telstra killing off more Australian call centre jobs?

Updated 17:25, 20 October 2016 With a number of Outsourcers already heavily impacted by Telstra over the past few years (some terminally) there is news today that Telstra has recently cancelled its contract with Outsourcer Serco effective from 2017 to

ATO implements Nuance voice biometrics
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ATO implements Nuance voice biometrics

The ATO implements Nuance voice biometrics becoming the first organisation to implement a multi-channel voice biometrics solution in Australia enabling customers to use voice biometrics across the online suite of products (instead of just over the phone).

Use of voice biometrics in call centres on the rise
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Using Voice Biometrics in call centres

Voice Biometrics popularity is on the rise delivering an improved customer experience and deliver efficiencies in contact centres. The technology is saving valuable seconds off every call and saving the customer the pain of having to identify themselves on every call. Its truly a win-win!