Take a chance in delivering your customer service training

Taking a chance on your customer service training

Tips on delivering your customer service training

Great service doesn’t start with the CEO, your manager or your partner.

It starts with you.

Don’t get me wrong, if your leadership team or CEO drives Customer Service, it will help dramatically.

However, if we all take responsibility for Customer Service, starting from ourselves – we can all commit to making the world better – not just your organisation.

Customer Service, to me, is actually ‘people’ and ‘connection’.

That’s why I love it so much.

Yeah, it might sound fluffy but if you truly think about it, love does make the world go around and when we are of service to others – we feel better.

So, knowing this and strongly believing it – I was inspired to finish my Service Training plan.

In my last blog post, I spoke about planning Customer Service training.

So now, this week, in fact, I will reveal the 2nd half of a new Service training program to see how it goes.

I have introduced the longest module to be about:

  • People
  • Self-care
  • The human brain – how it works
  • Cognitive awareness
  • How we can contribute to opening and closing our minds and the minds of those around us (cognitive rigidity and cognitive flexibility)
  • How to keep our pre-frontal cortex (the pilot of our brain) in charge and making good decisions
  • What chemicals get released when we are happy, in love, creative, at peace and of service to others (or receiving)
  • What mindfulness is and how it relates to connection with ourselves and others
  • and much, much more!

Take a chance in delivering your customer service training

Now, service isn’t rocket science but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t include a little science!

Yes, I’m taking a chance and some people may even think some of those topics don’t belong in Customer Service training or they are a personal choice.

I disagree. I think Service is the perfect place for life skills and human understanding.

Yes, for self-care, personal choice is fine and not anyone’s business – I will not be the arbiter of anyone’s life but I will be the friendly trainer that shares life skills you probably already know but may benefit to be reminded of.

My participants all have lives, at 5pm, they will go home to their loved ones and commit to social activities and I want them to continue their learning for these activities too – not just when they are providing service to their customers!

This world is getting crazy-busy with social media, technology, keeping up with the Jones’s, commitments etc. – but what about personal, emotional connection?

If we don’t learn about this – how can we possibly commit to it consistently?

Connection – that’s Service.

Knowledge is power, to give better Service; we need to understand ourselves better. I am committed to continuing my passion for learning about ‘us’ as ‘people’ and engage my staff to do the same.

I could be on my own here, but it’s my prediction that more and more organisations will pour more money into this type of training and development in the hope to improve the performance and mental health of their staff.

Caring for your staff’s well-being is a much-needed ingredient for happier and more engaged staff.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, happier staff will more than likely create more satisfied and happy customers!

Happy learning!

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