The Benefits of VoIP for Your Remote Contact Centre

VoIP technology for Remote Contact Centres

Benefits of VoIP for Your Remote Contact Centre

Due to COVID-19, the world has changed forever and we’re optimistic some changes will be for the better.

We’ve seen many companies send people home to work out of necessity and discovered many benefits they had never considered.

The truth is the tools and technology have been available for contact centre personnel to work remotely for many years however many employers had reservations about the business model and what it would mean to productivity.

The technology available has been perfected over many years to the point that it makes great business sense for businesses to continue working remotely, long after the pandemic has come and gone.

We’ve seen it work with great success so we think the shift will be permanent in many instances.

The Shift to VoIP

Contact centres have long been operating through VoIP (Voice Over Internet Technology) technology as a cost-effective options.

It was a decision based on reducing costs and therefore increases profits so it made great business sense.

It’s what has enabled many call centres to be outsourced overseas to places like the Philippines or India.

This same technology enables local team members to work from home.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Geelong or Gangapur; it’s an option that can be used to your companies’ advantage.

A Happy Workforce

One of the key benefits of VoIP for your remote contact centre is that it enables a flexible workforce.

The flexibility of working from home is attractive for many employees who can better manage their work-life balance.

Consider the fantastic employees you may have lost over the years due to having children or moving location.

Maybe working from home would have enabled your company to retain these staff members.

A happy workforce is generally a more productive one.

It may also lend itself to working late evening or early morning if your contact centre receives calls during extended business hours.

Where staff members may have had concerns about travelling at unusual hours, working at home during these hours could potentially be of mutual benefit.

Potential Issues

The one issue we’ve seen is Internet reliability in homes.

With our questionable Australian internet, many households stuck at home are trying to share an internet connection has been a challenge.

When you’ve got a few people trying to get on Zoom, Netflix or sharing files online at the same time, it can put a heavy demand on a home network and Internet connection.

The haste in which many contact centres moved to a work from home model has also created some challenges.

Makeshift solutions may have been taken out of necessity.

We’ve seen home computers; soft-phones or poor-quality headsets in use by businesses as a temporary solution.

This process has been a fantastic test to see the viability of it as an option.

If companies choose to continue working from home, there are superior technology options available such as business-grade VoIP handsets or headsets and online productivity tracking add-ons.

The Bottom Line

Working with a remote team can be great for your bottom line.

It’s advantageous for you the employer who needs less office space and all the additional expenses that come from operating a large office.

Your workforce may also be prepared to work for a lesser wage than your competitors if they have the advantage of working from home and save on travel expenses.

Flexibility is great for your bottom line too.

Scaling your team size up or down becomes a lot easier when working with a remote team.

You won’t be paying for additional office space that you may or may not require in future if your business plans to grow.

You don’t need to worry about outgrowing your space like a traditional, work from the office contact centre.

Your VoIP system can be expanded by adding a DID (Direct Inward Dialing) or an extension as your team grows.

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