Benefits of using automation to enhance the customer experience

How to create great customer experiences using automation

How Automation is helping to improve the CX

Nowadays, people are accustomed to getting what they want/need fast and more efficiently.

That is true especially in matters of consumerism.

Notice how more and more companies are anchored on getting the best and most convenient service for customers?

This includes brands such as Uber, Grab, FoodPanda and of course, Amazon.

Aside from actual service, customers also love to get efficient customer service from the brands they patronise.

Almost every aspect of the customer journey has to be taken cared of – from browsing, ordering, payment, shipping and even customer support.

Putting a premium on the whole customer experience is not easy, that’s why many entrepreneurs rely on automation to get some of the stuff done.

That primarily includes email and chat automation to better serve customers and leads regarding queries and other concerns.

Aside from that, the following are other known advantages of automation when it comes to creating a very satisfactory customer experience.

3 Advantages of using automation to enhance the customer experience:

1. Enrich Customer Engagement

Yes, your welcome and thank you messages might be obviously automated (no-reply) emails, but even then, this gives every customer a sort of assurance that their orders and concerns are actually received from your side.

Of course, you still need to follow-up with a more personal message especially if the customer has specific concerns that needs human intervention, but still, automated emails still play a key role especially if you are largely transacting your business online and nobody can man your support service 24/7.

2. Lower Labor Costs (Though this is more of an advantage for the business owner)

When it comes to automation, you only need to prepare a template message that will be automatically sent to the customer once they fulfil an action (like placing an order, sending an email, or signing up for your newsletter).

Again, you do not have to get an employee to do all these things manually on a 24/7 basis, you can simply schedule him/her to answer specific concerns on normal business hours. During the rest of the time, your automated messages can simply assure customers that their concerns and orders are received and heard.

3. Helps in Data Gathering and Research for Further Market Analysis

Aside from being virtual ‘receptionists’ from your brand, automated tools can help you gather data and information from both actual customers – and even potential ones.

Each time a customer or lead interacts with your business, every bit of information such as the name, age, email address, products ordered, and personal queries (if any) are all recorded down.

These bits of information can be used to enhance their shopping experience in the future.

You can tailor your recommendations according to the products they like and ordered, what services are best for their age, and of course, offer them better deals via their personal emails.

In all, automation does not just benefit your customers, but it benefits you as an entrepreneur too.

Your company will have more room to grow and improve on given the right automation tools (which presumably comes with tracking tools).

It allows entrepreneurs to know their customer better, and establish a more engaging and personalised experience for every customer.

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