The Best Call Centre Memes for 2016

Best call centre memes for 2016

The Best Call Centre Memes for 2016

Well if there is one thing we love to do in call centres it’s having a good laugh!

With the launch of our Call Centre Legends page, we had a ball trying to come up with, and find, some call centre memes that we could publish most days of the week.

And at the end of the year, we looked back through all the data to find the best call centre memes for 2016.

We rated the ‘best’ as the memes with the most likes and engagement (shares, comments etc) and this is what the data told us!

So without further delay, here were the best call centre memes for 2016 counting down from 10 to 1.

The Best Call Centre Memes for 2016

10. Just gut-wrenching

systems are down call centre meme

9. When your shift is finished…

Team Leader asks you to stay back call centre meme

8. Sums up the week nicely

What a week call centre meme

7. There’s always that one person who gets a little carried away…

First person in the office sneezes call centre meme


6. Good to keep your options open

Stripping isn't that bad call centre meme

5. Hardly happens at all 

Explaining for the 10th time

4. Brilliant

I'm a retail worker call centre meme

3. My life

No more sick days left call centre meme

2. Be honest, who hasn’t done this before?

Difficult customer hangs up c all centre meme



1. Yep, most days.

Just fire me call centre meme


So there you have it, our official Top 10 Best Call Centre Memes for 2016!

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