Big changes to 2017 Auscontact Awards program

Big changes to 2017 Auscontact Awards program

The 2017 Auscontact Awards program shock change

The 2017 Auscontact Awards will be dedicated to the Year of the Individual with only Individual Nominations for the 2017 Awards Season. 

Centre Awards will return for 2018 Awards Season.

Two weeks ago there was celebrations, in-centre parties and high fives all round as we wrapped up the 2016 Auscontact Awards for another year.

The winners were announced at the National Awards Night held on Friday 14 October @ Cloudland in Brisbane.

Congratulations to all our winners and finalists. It was a spectacular night and an exceptional season of nominations.

At the National Office, we can’t rest on our laurels for too long, already moving our focus towards next year and the 2017 Auscontact Awards.

Our Awards Program is an important and valued asset to our Members, and the industry as a whole, and this is why we have taken the temporary step to suspend the Centre Awards nominations for our 2017 awards season while a review and essential reforms are implemented.

The Association remains committed to delivering the Individual Awards program for 2017 offering an expanded field of nomination categories only for individuals.

Why are we not having centre awards in 2017?

Essentially we feel both the Association and our Members will significantly benefit from a strategically timed ‘fallow’ year for review, reform and renewal into strength.

Over the last few months, a Member-led task force reviewed the awards program to future-proof it and develop it for continued growth and success.

The task force recognised that our industry has undergone a rapid amount of change and growth in the last few years as it has adapted to new technologies and changing customer contact environments and expectations.

It consulted with centre Members who expressed the benefits that a ‘fallow’ year at this time would provide, particularly the ability to review and focus on operational projects.

Auscontact plans to use this time to assess all of the Awards Program elements and process, and return with a renewed and revived program for 2018 that is strategically attuned to the changing landscape, conditions and challenges that face our industry and delivers the right value and experience for our members.

In the interim, we have seized this opportunity to deliver the 2017 Auscontact Awards Program in a different way by dedicating the focus to the many and diverse individual achievers in the contact centre profession.

New and familiar categories have returned to open the individual field up to as many participants as possible.

The 2017 Auscontact Awards Year of the Individual categories are:

  • Customer Contact Professional
  • Team Leader/Manager of the Year
  • People Champion
  • Customer Experience Champion
  • Operations Champion
  • Workforce Management Champion
  • Customer Contact Manager
  • Digital / Omni Channel Champion
  • Best Contact Centre Team (min 5 Individual nominations)

We are excited by this opportunity.

We believe it offers a broad, egalitarian, affordable and easily accessible way for all Members to participate in the Awards.  It positively affirms the contribution of each person in a team as unique and valuable, and creates an exceptional platform for teams to increase engagement and excellence.

We hope you will throw your commitment behind the 2017 Auscontact Awards – ‘The Year of the Individual’ – by nominating as many high-achievers from across your teams and support centres as you can.

This can only help to support and cultivate an environment of achievement, recognition and excellence, and ultimately deliver great outcomes in customer service for your business.

The Awards Program changes for 2017 come as our Association moves into a new phase of development.

We have successfully completed the merger and re-branding which began in May 2014; we have completed the initial phase of integration and consolidation; and as we approach our third year of operations, it is time to look ahead to address areas of future growth and strategic direction.

Our intention is to create the best Awards and Recognition program in the Asia Pacific Region, increasing the value of your membership and benefits.

In fact, I believe the actions we are taking today will create a groundswell of excitement and readiness for when we return the Centre Awards in 2018 and the field of Centre’ nominations will be more eager, larger and competitive than ever before.

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