Call Centre Headsets

Everything you need to know about call centre headsets

Everything you need to know about Call Centre Headsets

In this episode of the CX Central Podcast Justin Tippett caught up with Geoff Crane, Sales Director Australia/NZ for EPOS to provide some insight into all things call centre headsets including:

– The different types of headsets and connection options
– The difference between Bluetooth and DECT wireless phones
– Noise cancellation and acoustic shock
– How headsets can complement the new flexible work environment

With workplaces using so many different types of computers and phones and workers scattered between home and the office choosing the right call centre headsets for your business has never been trickier.

Thankfully, call centre headset technology has also never been better making it easier than ever when you are armed with the right information which is exactly what we cover in this podcast – everything you need to know about Call Centre Headsets!

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