CentrePal Unleashes Microsoft Teams Potential

CentrePal launches native Microsoft Teams contact centre solution in Australia

New native contact centre solution for Microsoft Teams

Australian-made CentrePal is revolutionizing the way businesses use Microsoft Teams thanks to its Native Contact Centre Solution for Teams, making digital transformation more accessible for Australian contact centres.

One Australian business is striving to make digital transformation of contact centres simpler, more accessible and easier than ever before.

CentrePal’s access agnostic native contact centre solution for Microsoft Teams is delivering feature-rich contact centre capabilities for Australian businesses that have previously relied on limited PABX functionalities to provide customer service.

By unlocking the power of Microsoft Teams, CentrePal has turned Microsoft’s most popular, most trusted, and most powerful collaboration and communications tool into the complete contact centre solution.

The Australian-made SaaS product has been rolling out to Australian businesses looking to take the contact centre to the next level, whilst also managing the real-world realities of COVID19.

Increasingly, Australian businesses are beginning to understand the vital role that their contact centres play in achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

Contact centres provide Australian businesses a crucial bridge between their businesses and their customers, playing an important role in a range of customer-related services, including sales, telemarketing, complaints handling and account management.



Yet, despite the increasing reliance that businesses have on their contact centres, in many operations, they continue to operate like a clunky add-on and an operational silo completely separate from the rest of the business.

Traditionally, the Contact Centre and Unified Communications (UC) platforms within a business operate independently of each other.

Even in 2021, many contact centres and agents use different systems and software to complete their vital role to the rest of the business.

Agents working in contact centres are tied to their desks, due to the complex nature of many legacy telephony systems and contact centre solution software on the market.

At the same time, the proliferation of the workforce and the rise of ‘work-from-home’ arrangements – thanks largely to the COVID19 pandemic – has accelerated the digital transformation of many businesses.

The big question in 2021 has been, can contact centres keep up?

By integrating UCaaS and CCaaS with CentrePal, businesses unlock greater cost and time efficiencies and open up greater collaboration between the office and contact centre.

Microsoft Teams has been crucial to that digital transformation of many Australian businesses making it the perfect platform for a flexible, affordable, and super-effective contact centre solution.

CentrePal APAC Partner Manager Jude Don said that by creating a native contact centre solution for Microsoft Teams, CentrePal hoped to remove many of the obstacles that stop Australian businesses from bringing their contact centres along for their digital transformation.

“Currently, in most cases, Contact Centres and Unified Communication platforms operate independent of each other.

In developing CentrePal, we imagined a world where Australian businesses could consolidate these two platforms into a single platform, resulting in greater efficiencies and cost savings, all through the familiar interface of Microsoft Teams.”

By natively integrating with Microsoft Teams, CentrePal allows contact centre agents and managers to complete their work from one familiar platform, whilst seamlessly collaborating with other internal stakeholders.

With omnichannel capability, contact centre agents can interact with customers no matter how they get in touch with the business, whilst CentrePal’s access agnostic capability provides ‘plug-and-play’ functionality, regardless of the business’ telephony infrastructure and providers. CentrePal works with Calling Plans, Direct Routing and newly announced Operator Connect for PSTN calling.



Perhaps most importantly, native Microsoft Teams contact centre solutions, like CentrePal, provide instant mobility to the contact centre allowing agents to work from home, with all the benefits and security compliance offered by Teams.

CentrePal also provides channel partners who consider themselves generalist UC partners with access to the rapidly growing Teams Contact Centre market, by allowing them to deliver an industry-leading solution for Microsoft Teams.

Teaming up with CentrePal provides these UC partners with additional services and capabilities they can offer their clients.

“For our partners, the opportunity to capture the SME CCaaS market is bigger than ever before,” Mr Don explained.

“Our channel partners who offer Teams Calling solutions are now well positioned to bundle UCaaS and CCaaS to their customers and drive sales, repeat business, and referrals. Customers get the functionality of both platforms from one cloud-hosted channel partner.”

About CentrePal

CentrePal was founded with the vision of making contact centres simple.

CentrePal is based in Melbourne and works with businesses and channel partners to deliver its native Contact Centre solution for Microsoft Teams to businesses on a national and global scale.

CentrePal was founded with the belief that there should be a better way forward for businesses who rely on contact centres for crucial business functions.

CentrePal provides that by providing a simple platform that enables the convergence of UCaaS and CCaaS into one integrated solution.

CentrePal is a solution built for the contact centre industry, by people from the industry.

For further information please visit www.centrepal.com or email info@centrepal.com or call 1300 737 764


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