Contact Centre as a Service

Contact Centre as a Service (or CCaaS) is a relatively new technology that enables your whole contact centre infrastructure to be delivered via the cloud through a Hosted PBX solution.

Benefits of a Contact Centre as a Service technology

CCaaS technology enables you to access the latest and greatest contact centre technology without investing in any infrastructure like servers and so on and what’s better, you only pay for the technology features and number of seats you use.

So you can scale your contact centre business to suit your business needs, add and delete features all for a simple per agent per month model.

Need to prepare for the busy period? Simply add more seats for that month.

Want to start doing outbound calls? Turn it on!

What about omnichannel management like managing calls, emails, live chat, SMS etc? You bet!

Start offering Work from Home / Remote Agent opportunities? Absolutely!

Call Recording, speech analytics and more.

Contact Centre as a Service technology really has changed the contact centre industry and if you haven’t transitioned yet, it’s only a matter of time! You can learn a lot more about some of the pros and cons by reading the cloud contact centre glossary term.

To find suppliers of CCaaS solutions search the free CX Directory for a list of quality suppliers who specialise in Contact Centre as a Service solutions.

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