Workplace ideas for Halloween

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Halloween ideas for your place of work

Looking for some workplace ideas for Halloween?

As you already know, call centres love any excuse to decorate the workplace and dress up like crazy people!

Sure it might be an American thing, but Halloween is continuing to gain traction in Australia.

And even if it wasn’t, it’s still a great reason to have some fun and get your whole workplace involved in a bit of team building scary fun.

Whilst this year (2020) October 31 is on a Saturday, you can still have a heap of fun and make your dress-up day on Friday and then the staff can re-use the material the following day.

And if your working remotely it’s even better – you can still dress up and not have to worry about those weird looks on public transport or driving in your car!

Thanks to our thousands of followers on the Call Centre Legends Facebook Page who have sent in their photos, we’ve got plenty of examples below of workplace ideas for Halloween to ensure terror reigns supreme in your workplace on Halloween.

3 Great workplace ideas for Halloween

1. Dress up Contests

Having spent years working in a call centre, without fail Halloween was always the best time to be at work!

From vampires, Dracula or even a scary nurse – there is a way for everyone to get involved.

For those that really go the extra mile, have a prize for the best-dressed individual or team and reward the extra effort!

2. Decorate the workplace

It doesn’t take much to turn your workplace into the dungeons of hell (you’ve probably imagined it that way anyway!!!)  so now is your chance to bring it to life.

From fake cobwebs and plastic spiders,  gravestones, pumpkins and the odd skeleton, you will have your call centre resembling a horror movie in no time!

Why not make it a competition and give out prizes for the best workstation or team area?

3. Halloween Themed Food

Bring out the true food creatives and budding MasterChefs amongst us to design some scary looking (and great tasting!) food.

Need some ideas? Check out the photo’s below to get some inspiration!

Final thoughts

Don’t leave your planning to the last minute!

To ensure you get maximum engagement, plan early. It’s the same date every year so it’s not like you won’t know when the next Halloween is coming…

And if you’re a manager – lead by example and make sure you are the best dressed in the centre!

So there you have it, some workplace ideas for Halloween that that won’t cost a fortune and will still enable everyone to get into the Halloween spirit.

Remember to share your pictures on our Facebook page at Call Centre Legends Facebook Page and we’ll add them in!

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