Another 7 things only call centre agents will understand

Another 7 things only call centre agents will understand

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It’s a special and unique experience working as a call centre agent.

And whilst every workplace is different, there are some things that seem to transcend all call centres irrespective of geography or industry.

Having to deal with customers is an obvious one, through to the debates over the right temperature.

So if you’ve spent any time whatsoever working in a call centre I’m sure you will be able to relate to most of (if not all!) of these.

And if you’ve got any others, let us know!

Another 7 things only call centre agents will understand

1. The sudden inability to string two words together when a Team Leader decides to do some side-by-side coaching and starts listening to your calls.



2. That “here we go again” feeling when a customer demands to speak to a manager and threatens to take their case to the ombudsman, A Current Affair and anyone else that will listen.



3. The frustrating ping pong of a customer between your own internal departments. ‘Sorry, we only deal with X here, you need to call Y.’ When it was Y that put me through to X in the first place! (and what a shot below!)



4. The thrill of being let loose and enjoying the freedom of a wireless headset!



5. Being nominated to have a new starter buddying alongside you and warning them to get out now. While they still can.



6. The eternal struggle of adjusting the workplace thermostat to try and keep everyone happy.

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7. That feeling you get when a customer asks to speak to a manager, and you are a manager!

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