Abandonment Rate

The abandonment rate is a simple calculation on the percentage of customers that purposely disconnected while waiting in a call centre queue trying to connect to your business.

Essentially how many people hung up in frustration after waiting too long (in their minds) to speak to one of your employees.

How can you reduce your abandonment rate?

Having customers hanging up in frustration is not a good outcome for your business so these four tips provide you with some idea on how you can reduce abandonment rates in your call centre.

1. Put on more staff

The most obvious solution is put on more staff!

But how do you know how many staff you need to meet demand?

Our Call Centre Calculator is designed to answer that question!

It will determine exactly how many staff you need to meet service levels and how by tweaking some shifts you could lower your abandoned calls.

Of course, just knowing you need more staff doesn’t mean you will get them…

2. Offer a callback service

Consider offering either an Automated Callback Service or an Intelligent Callback service so customers can retain their place in the queue.

It’s a better customer experience but it still doesn’t get away from the fact you will need more staff to handle the call volumes.

3. Use Queue Announcements

By keeping customers informed of their progress you can help reduce their stress and it can result in lower abandoned calls.

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4. Migrate to other channels

Empower your customers to self-serve with better information on your website.

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