In Australia, a BIFFO usually refers to a fistfight but thankfully it also has a far more peaceful meaning as the acronym for a method of providing feedback to employees.

The BIFFO not to have

Normally when there is some Aussie BIFFO in the workplace at least one party has their employment terminated, if not both.

So probably best if you avoid a fistfight…

The BIFFO method for coaching

As I mentioned, thankfully there is an alternative version that can be used for good, not evil.

BIFFO is actually an acronym for a five-step guide to providing someone with feedback.

It provides a structure on the steps you need to move through when having a conversation that involves providing feedback to an employee.

The BIFFO Acronym:


What behaviour did the individual display that requires addressing? Be specific.


What impact did this behaviour have on individuals/your team/yourself?


How did this make you feel?


What would you like to see from the individual/team going forward?

Outgoing Conversation

What else do you need?

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