Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement is using a systematic approach to optimise business processes to achieve better results.

Business process improvement, business process redesign and business process reengineering are sometimes used interchangeably to describe changes to a business process from incremental change to complete redesign with a goal of measurable improvement.

Business Process Improvement Methodologies

These days there are plenty of BPI methodologies to use in your call centre vying for your attention with the common ones including:

In addition to structured methodologies, the emergence of technology has also enabled tech-driven BPI opportunities including:

Regardless of which methodology you use, the key is being able to measure the improvement.

Thankfully, in call centres, there is an overwhelming amount of data to choose from making it easier to track your progress.

The most important tip for BPI

One of the biggest challenges you will face with any Business Process Improvement is not the process change itself, but the people change.

Make sure you have a detailed change management program so your employees are kept informed and are able to contribute to the change process.

Don’t forget your frontline employees!

One of the best sources of identifying business process improvement opportunities is your own call centre workforce.

Yet it’s amazing how little their input is sought or sometimes even valued.

Ask your call centre front line and I’m sure they will be able to identify a plethora of easy, quick and cheap fixes!

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