Coaching requires a Team Leader or Manager to spend dedicated time with an employee to provide feedback, support and training to improve their performance and well-being.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen anywhere near enough in call centres as the Team Leaders are often so overwhelmed with administrative tasks that there is little time left for coaching.

Best practice call centres will often have very clear KPIs for Team Leaders on the amount of time they need to coach each day/week/month as simply put, there is no more effective or important use of a Team Leaders time to influence performance. 

The most effective method is Side by side coaching and one-on-one meetings.

Asides from improving performance, spending time with your employees enables you to get to know them as individuals.

Whether it’s just in-between calls, or through a more formalised meeting, understanding what motivates your employees and showing a genuine interest in their wellbeing is one of the best ways to boost engagement levels.

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