Double Jacking

Double Jacking typically refers to a scenario when a Team Leader/Supervisor sits next to a call centre agent at their desk and plugs into their headset so they are able to listen to the customer live.

Double Jacking is typically used as a coaching method or to drive sheer terror into low performers!

In all seriousness, double jacking is one of the most powerful coaching methods available to Team Leaders enabling them to observe how the call centre agent manages the customer at the same time as interacting with all the systems.

How can you do double jacking?

To physically be able to achieve double jacking you need to have a Y Splitter cable that enables the audio signal to be split so both the Agent and Team Leader can wear a headset to listen to the call. You can find suppliers of Headsets and Equipment in our Business Directory>>>.

In some more modern systems, the Team Leader may also be able to achieve double jacking by simply plugging their USB headset into the agent’s computer or sitting next to them with a laptop and listening into the call over the cloud in supervisor mode.

Limitations of modern double jacking:

The important thing to remember with double jacking in a call centre is that you need to be able to physically observe the call centre agent on the phone and how they interact with the systems and their environment.

Although new technology enables you to remotely ‘observe’ an agent by listening in their phone call, observing their screen movements and even ‘whispering’ to the agent, double jacking should also be used as a time to get to know an agent and build the relationship between the team leader and agent.

It’s often that engagement that leads to the biggest improvement!

What other methods can be used to coach/train call centre agents?

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