Employee Experience

If you weren’t already confused by how Customer Experience equals CX well the same smart folk have decided that Employee Experience equals EX.

I know…

So what is Employee Experience or EX?

Its been simply defined as delivering a positive experience to employees using the simple premise that happy staff equals happy customers (which apparently is good for business).

So is Employee Experience important?

Umm, yes. It really has been all along, its just been called other things like Employee Engagement, workplace morale etc.

According to a study conducted by The Future Workplace and Beyond.com, they revealed that:

  • 83% of HR leaders said “employee experience” is either important or very important to their organization’s success.
  • To improve the EX, HR Leaders are investing in:
    • Training (56%),
    • Improving their workspaces (51%)
    • Giving more rewards (47%).

In Australia where there is high demand for top talent, expect it to play a significant role in using the EX to recruit and retain the best talent.

Is there a link to EX and CX?

Are you really asking that question? Yes, yes and yes. Check out our stats on employee engagement.

How can I improve the EX?

We have a heap of free articles, games and more that can help:

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