Hold Messaging

Hold messaging is the ability to play some targeted messages to customers whilst they listen to some great music waiting to be connected to a call centre agent.

The hold messaging can be set to play at certain thresholds on repeat, or play different messages depending on the length of the hold time.

You know “your call really is important to us”.”

Some ideas for Hold Messaging

One particularly great idea is to tell customers more about the products and services you sell while they wait.

Except if they are ringing to make a complaint about it!

Nothing better than hearing a promotion for the exact same product you are actually ringing to complain about…

I’ve also heard some good examples of Hold Messaging used to:

  • Remind customers what to have ready when being connected to an agent.
  • Encourage the customer to ask something e.g. ‘Ask our friendly team about the special promotion we have running on X’.

Where is Hold Messaging controlled?

Hold messaging is normally configured in a call centre Automatic Call Distributor (ACD). It’s here where you can determine what message to play to what queue, for what length of time, number of loops etc.

Where do you get Hold Messaging recorded?

Most call centre ACD systems enable you to upload a file, normally in .wav format so it’s relatively easy to achieve.

Some call centres choose to find in-house talent to record their messages and there are also businesses that specialise in recording professional on-hold messaging that you can find in the free CX Directory >>>

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