Quick 5 step guide to how to provide feedback to employees

5 step guide to providing feedback

Tips on how to provide feedback to employees using BIFFO

When you observe some of the greatest leaders, they tend to have one major commonality.

They aren’t afraid of providing constant, structured and detailed feedback.

So how can you deliver great feedback to any individual no matter the situation?

The bulletproof method to providing feedback to employees is through a five-step process referred to as the BIFFO model.

Below is a breakdown of the process and how you can use it as a method for providing feedback.

Remember, the more specific and factual it is, the easier it becomes to provide feedback.

In the scenario below, we will look at providing feedback to employees for coaching purposes.

The BIFFO Coaching Method

Using the BIFFO coaching method can be a great guide to providing feedback to employees in the call centre giving you some structure to keep the conversation on track.

Behaviour – What behaviour did the individual display that requires addressing? Be specific.

Example: John, the way you spoke out at our recent meeting shows you have a fixed mindset about the changes because you were not willing to try them in our team.

Impact – What impact did this behaviour have on individuals/your team/yourself?

Example: John, as a result of the above behaviours, the team felt like they could not speak up and have their say on whether they like the change or not.



Feelings – How did this make you feel?

Example: I am disappointed that the rest of the team felt like they had no say in this change. I encourage people to have their say and I felt like you took this away from them.

Future – What would you like to see from the individual/team going forward?

Example: Over the upcoming month, I would like you to attend the meetings that are related to this change so you can be our team champion.

I would like to see you bring in more people in our team into the discussion when it comes to improvements/changes we want to make in our team.

Outgoing conversation – What else do you need?

Example: what do you think of this plan?

From my experience, I have found that the above method is easy to use and works well at addressing the underlying issue (usually behaviours).

What do you think, does providing feedback to employees using the BIFFO model work for you?

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