Nearshore call centre outsourcing is used to describe the outsourcing of call centre work to another country close by to save costs.

For Australia, our nearshore location is Tasmania.

Tasmania is only a one hour flight from Melbourne and given its close proximity to the mainland of Australia, Tasmania shares a lot of common values with the local population.

The language is very similar making it (relatively) easy to converse with Tasmanians as it’s generally easy to make conversations with the locals as like Australians, Tasmanian’s share a love of sport and possess a good sense of humour.

OK just kidding.

It’s New Zealand.

Cue the sheep jokes.

Benefits of Nearshore for call centres

With labour costs accounting for approximately 70% of the operating costs of a call centre, anywhere you can access cheaper labour rates will provide considerable savings – especially in large contact centres.

So for our nearshore location, you can traditionally run a contact centre for around 30% cheaper in NZ than running the same contact centre here.

Not bad hey.

Being a nearshore location also has other benefits.

Specifically relating to NZ, we so share fairly common culture and of course language is also very consistent.

Anyway, this is just a glossary page so we won’t go through the in and outs of nearshore call centres, we got lots of other material on our website that can do that for you.

How to find nearshore call centres

We have a list of all call centre outsourcers in our free CX Directory where you can search by country, skills and more.

If you’d like to learn more, we have more articles on offshoring & nearshoring as well as outsourcing.

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