Redaction is best described as removing sensitive data from calls and transcripts like credit card numbers to prevent fraud.

Why is Redaction capability important?

In 2004 the then world’s largest credit card companies combined forces to create what is known as PCI DSS compliance.

Clearly, marketing wasn’t their strong point but PCI DSS refers to creating a set of security regulations to protect consumers against their personal information shared during a cash, credit or debit card transaction.

So in call centres that handle payments over the phone, you are required to be PCI DSS compliant.

Part of the compliance is, you guessed it, having redaction capability.

How does Redaction work?

Redaction is the removal of sensitive data however the method in which redaction works depends on how/where the data is stored.

Call recording redaction

Call recordings are subject to the same rules as any other method of capturing and storing customer card authentication data.

There are numerous call centre systems available and each approach redaction in various ways including:

  • The call centre agents are able to paid the recordings when credit card details are taken.
  • Software that can detect certain triggers which deactivate call recordings (e.g. accessing a payments page)
  • Speech Analytics that detects sensitive information (Like card numbers) and then automatically mutes the audio or replaces the audio with a tone.

Written redaction

The modern contact centre deals with more than just calls so emails, live chat etc also require sensitive information to be redacted.

Most of the redaction via a written is managed by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that can detect confidential information and either remove it or black it out.

Next steps

Thankfully these days there is some pretty nifty call centre technology that includes PCI-DSS compliance capabilities.

You can search our Business Directory for Suppliers of redaction technology or use our free CX Connect service and we’ll provide you with a shortlist of recommended suppliers saving you time, money and stress!


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