Web Voice Synchronisation

Web Voice Synchronisation (aka Call Tracking) is an exciting new technology that enables a highly personalised experience between a web visitor and a call centre agent.

How does Web Voice Synchronisation work?

For a customer browsing through your website, they won’t notice if WVS is being used at all.

In fact, the only difference will be that where contact details are provided on the website, that customer will see a unique phone number only visible to them.

If another user was also looking at the website at the same time and the same pages, they would see a different contact number.

Where the Web Voice Synchronisation technology really comes into its own is when that customer moves the conversation from the web to the call centre.

Essentially all the information about the customer’s web experience is passed directly through to the call centre agent when the customer calls.

This includes:

  • Length of time on the website
  • What pages the user visited
  • What pages they landed on along with the current page
  • Keywords
  • Referral source or affiliate information

This provides the call centre agent with some powerful information to support the customer.

Benefits of using Web Voice Synchronisation technology

Benefits of WVS for the call centre

WVS can tell the contact centre agent how the customer arrived on your site, which pages they viewed, the page they are on now, and much more.

This allows contact centre staff to more effectively meet customers’ needs, upsell them, and deal with enquiries much quicker saving both the customer and the call centre time.

Smart Web Voice Synchronisation can also predict the value of the contact based on the previous history of customers following a similar path.

This enables the contact centre to prioritise high-value calls to either get answered quicker or routed to one of the best agents.

Benefits of WVS for the customer

The key benefits for the customer is a more personalised experience requiring less effort (Remember the Customer Effort Score?).

Benefits of WVS for the business

  • Better conversions in a sales environment.
  • Reduced costs as you can direct the customer directly to the contact centre agent best skilled to help them.
  • As we’ve mentioned before with CES, customers who rate your business as easy to do business with will stay longer and spend more.
  • Powerful intelligence for your marketing department as they can effectively track the entire customer journey.

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