Wrap Codes

Call Centre Line of Business Codes or Wrap Codes are a list of customisable codes that are entered either during or after a call by an agent to identify the type of call to assist with detailed reporting (e.g. a sales call or service call).

The more you have the better – agents love having 100’s to choose from 🙂

What is the maximum number of Line of Wrap Codes?

The physical limit is defined by your call centre telephony platform but that’s the least of your concerns.

The more you have, the less likely they are going to be used accurately by frontline agents so the recommendation would be to keep them under 10.

What to Wrap Codes actually do?

They attach an identifier to a call that enables you to count the number of instances each code has been used.

This makes them useful for a call centre manager or business to identify the number of calls they are receiving for different issues/scenarios.

What are the limitations of Wrap Codes?

Given Wrap Codes are manually applied, they tend not to be the most reliable source of information.

And because they are so easy to implement, data-hungry management can suddenly want to measure a vast array of things so you end up with way too many codes for agents to accurately enter.

The other trap I see many call centres fall into is using them for no apparent reason.

No one everyone looks at them, frontline agents are never given any feedback on their usage of them, and the accuracy of the entry is never part of any quality check and compliance program.

So why bother?

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