ipSCAPE looking for partners in Australia

ipSCAPE have dropped the direct to market model in Australia

ipSCAPE no longer selling direct to market

Craig Neil, CEO of ipSCAPE suggests on www.arnnet.com.au that they’re moving towards a channel model in Australia.

The Telstra-backed company has so far been reaching consumers with its solutions using a direct-to-market strategy.

Until now, ipSCAPE have been running on a direct to market model in Australia, but Neil says “our learning from that has been that the channel model is a preferred model. With ipSCAPE being a very channel friendly product, and our commercial construct being good for channel, we have decided to move to a channel model in Australia.”

As a result of this decision, ipSCAPE are in the process of sourcing channel partners in Australia. “At the beginning of this financial year, we set ourselves a target. We’re aiming to have five reseller partners by the end of October this year. At this stage, we’re not looking for a distributor as it’s a pure software Cloud-based product.”

Target partners for ipSCAPE are CRM providers and Microsoft solution providers, or at the very least, companies who are used to selling software-as-a-service applications.

It is said that the move towards a channel model in Australia means the company is given more reach and controls into the markets.

Neil says “We get a wider sales capability, a wider marketing capability. It also takes us away from services such as professional services that we won’t compete with our channel on. We can rely on our channel to provide those services to the market.”

“It will also enable us to focus on channel development and channel enablement, as well as product development. We have a solid roadmap for our product that is very focused on new evolving technologies particularly around social, outbound calling, and Web chat capabilities,” he said.

The company has also announced plans to expand into new markets such as Indonesia, and is in discussions with other multi-national vendors to take the company and its product into markets in Europe and North America.

As of 2019, ipSCAPE have seven partners in Australia with Fiona Boyd commencing as CEO in April 2018.

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