How to improve your call centre knowledge

Well done on making the first step in wanting to learn about call centres!

Despite the fact many people assume that it can’t be that difficult, call centres are a complex ecosystem of people, processes, technology and of course customers!

And depending on where you are in your call centre journey, the type of information you would like to learn about call centres can vary substantially. 

So to make it easier to find the information about call centres you’d like to learn, we’ve made it easier to find our popular categories specifically about call centres below:

For the Call Centre agent

For most people, their call centre journey starts on the phones. Find out everything you need to know as well as some great tips on how to turn your call centre job into a great career. 

For the Call Centre Leader

The modern call centre leader is expected to posses a lot of skills – from leading people, managing performance, analysing data,  designing processes, optimisating technology and more. 

Of course, that’s not easy! You’ll find some great articles on the links below to help you up your knowledge in critical areas. 

Call Centre Technology 

Other Great Links

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