New BPO LifeFlight Foundation promises to save money and lives

LifeFlight Foundation Pulse BPO opens in Australia

LifeFlight Foundation is a new BPO that helps you save money and lives

LifeFlight Foundation, the not-for-profit organisation which raises funds to keep the iconic RACQ Lifeflight Rescue helicopters flying, is offering a unique service to help local businesses maximize profits and minimize costs with its Pulse BPO call centre outsourcing business.

After more than two decades of operating its own in-house fundraising Contact Centre, LifeFlight is now opening its doors and sharing its expertise with other businesses.

Pulse Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has been established.

Pulse BPO offers small and medium business enterprises the opportunity to tap into already proven and established resources, systems and staff by outsourcing their contact centre work, IT solutions, sales and administration to the LifeFlight Foundation’s Contact Centre.

“When companies look at the staggering cost of investing in operating systems and staff by themselves, they sometimes turn to outsourcing as a way, in effect, of renting a provider’s infrastructure. You’re essentially buying a discounted meal rather than owning the restaurant,” said Lucas Karchinsky, Executive Manager of LifeFlight Business Solutions & Contact Centre Operations.

By outsourcing business processing of a campaign to a professional organisation like Pulse BPO, companies can increase revenue by as much as 70 per cent but save up to 60 per cent on the costs compared to undertaking it themselves, Mr Karchinsky’s figures have shown.

Saving money and making money is one thing, but contracting Pulse BPO also means businesses can save lives and make a difference in their community.  Pulse BPO is driven by the “profit for a purpose” principle – every dollar of profit is used to fund the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter service, which performed a record number of life-saving missions last financial year, at no cost to patients.

“It’s a way a local business can essentially give to charity while having their outsourcing needs met. It’s the ultimate win-win. “We are one of the first not-for-profits in Australia to offer this service and we’re proud it’s happening right here on the Gold Coast,” Mr Karchinsky said.  Pulse BPO offers a complete suite of services including but not limited to – administration, surveys, ticket sales, bookings, payment processing and mail campaign services.

About LifeFlight

LifeFlight is a world leader in aeromedical care and Australia’s most diversified service with both a fixed and rotary wing fleet. We bring emergency, lifesaving medical treatment to seriously ill and injured patients around Australia and the world. Queensland’s rural and remote communities rely on the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopters to bring the hospital to them in their darkest hour. Without the support of community donations, we couldn’t continue our lifesaving work

About LifeFlight Pulse BPO

LifeFlight’s Pulse BPO is a unique ‘profit for purpose’ social enterprise that helps fund RACQ LifeFlight’s charitable aeromedical service, which performs thousands of lifesaving rescue missions each year. All profits from LifeFlight’s Pulse BPO are used to ensure LifeFlight’s community helicopters remain on standby 24 hours a day, every day of the year, airlifting Queenslanders in desperate need. Choosing LifeFlight’s BPO is a meaningful way to give back to your community while achieving your BPO outcomes – the ultimate win-win.

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