6 Tips when starting a new call centre job

6 Tips for starting a new contact centre job 2019

Starting a new call centre job

The first few days in a new job are always stressful, let alone when it’s a call centre job!

There are lots of new names and faces to remember on top of phone systems, CRM tools, Knowledge Management Systems, acronyms and more.

Oh, and did we mention dealing with customers!!! 

And whilst for some people, they see call centre jobs as nothing more than a ‘filler’ job, for lots of people the call centre can and will be a successful career.

As such, it’s important to go into your new call centre job armed with a strategy to put your best foot forward.

We came across these tips from Command Recruitment Company that provide some good advice when you starting a new call centre job that will make that first week or two just that little bit easier!

6 Tips when starting a new call centre job

1. Get to know your phone system

From transferring calls to being able to place customers on a brief hold, knowing your phone system inside and out is a must for succeeding in a new customer service job early on.

2. Study up on phone call etiquette

From never interrupting to always keeping the conversation going, there are certain rules of the phone that must be abided by if you want to achieve any success in your new customer service job.

See our article How Call Centre Agents can provide a great customer experience to make the best first impression at your new job.

3. Befriend a veteran

Find someone, even in a different team, that has been with the company for a long time. They will be able to show you the ropes, where things are, who’s who, how to avoid drama and even how to climb the ladder.



4. Ask the “stupid” questions now

Don’t wait until your computer breaks down to find out where the IT department is, or until you’re a month into your new call centre job to find out how to transfer calls.

Nobody expects you to know everything on your first day, so take the time (while it lasts) to be new, and ask all of the questions that will make you a great employee for years to come.

5. Be friendly to everyone

You only make one first impression. It can be hard to tell who is who in a new position and you don’t want to make the wrong impression to the wrong person.

You also never know who could receive a promotion and suddenly become your new boss. Keep an open mind and a smile on your face during your first week to make sure that everyone knows that you’re a team player.

6. Be fearless

One of the best tips for the first week at a new job is to go in fearless.

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, to be yourself or to get on the phone.

Act like you aren’t the new person. Taking in a fearless mindset into your new call centre job will help you dig into your new role quicker and standout faster as a high achiever.

Tips from Local Call Centre Legends

We also decided to ask our audience on our Call Centre Legends page about some tips they would pass on to some new starters:

Ryan Pelēks Hold is your friend. If you’re not sure of something, or feeling overwhelmed, keep your calm and tell the customer that you need to put them on hold for “X” minutes so you can help them further.

Jasmin Bulk Smile when you talk. Even if you are feeling a bit bleh. Smiling changes your tone and can affect the overall outcome of the call.

Kylie Dorsett Learn to use your reference materials early. Fake it ’till you make it.

Cheryl Impson Remember that each call is not to you personally but to the company you work for. Always wear a customer’s shoes and provide the customer service that you yourself would expect as a customer.

Caroline Everett Always provide the best solution and listen to the customer’s needs etc and realise it’s not a personal attack, then find the best possible resolution. That’s generally when I’ve experienced a better outcome for both parties.



Jarred Butterworth I tell my guys constantly. If someone abuses you, it’s a reflection of them,  not of you.

Shereen Cutrali Next call is your best friend. If one call doesn’t go well move on he the next call

Rod Hawkins Bring deodorant cause you’ll never sweat so much before the first call!

Bettie Kelly My favourite quote as such for newbies has to be “the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask”

Giselle Robinson “Earn while you learn” Contact centres are brilliant in providing training and education on the job.

Scott Daly Don’t be afraid to say I’m not sure about that let me place you on hold and I will double check for you. People appreciate honesty.

Simon Ryan Don’t take it personally. Customers aren’t pissed at you, they’re pissed at the situation.

Danica Miller Sound confident even when you’re not and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Ciaron Donegan Never assume or judge anyone and be like a duck, let any criticism roll your back

Hayleigh Riel When leaving work for the day, leave anything from work at the door.

Serena Swan Do something in between calls if you can like a crossword, colouring in a book. This takes your mind off the last call and fresh for the next one.

Renea McCauley Nobody knows anything the first time they answer the phone, no matter how great the training. Take the customers info, pop them on hold and take a deep breath and then look up their query. It’s fine you’ve got this, no one expects you to know everything on the first day.

Kim Kelly The customers don’t know you’re new, fake it till you make it and keep a smile in your voice

Juanita Howard Just remember they’re at the end of the phone. The absolute WORST they can do to you is yell. If all else fails and they’re being unreasonable, warn them their time is up and hang up.

Rachel Christian If you have a hard call take a moment or two before your next call. The next caller deserves your best.

What are some of the best tips you’ve heard? Share them in the comments below.

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