Telstra announce Genesys cloud-based contact centre

Telstra announce Genesys contact centre solution in the cloud

Telstra now offers the Genesys based cloud contact centre solution

Telstra has announced a new product known as Telstra Cloud Contact Centre – Genesys as part of a new ‘strategic relationship’ with US contact centre vendor Genesys.

Awkwardly named ‘Telstra Cloud Contact Centre –Genesys’ will be available in September to Telstra’s business, government and enterprise customers.

Telstra’s Philip Jones said it will “provide access to the very latest contact centre technologies needed in this new age of digital communications. It allows organisations to increase engagement and interact with customers through their communication channel of choice.”

In industry speak that means omni-channel, and this encompasses contextual web chat, mobile and fixed-line communication, all backed up by smart analytics.

Telstra will launch with three Genesys solutions

Hosted in the cloud, there will be three solutions available, Business Edition, Premier Edition and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Self Service.

Jones goes on to say that “in today’s competitive environment, successful companies will be those that anticipate their customers’ mindsets and transform how they connect with them by personalising communications across all available channels – not just voice.”

Accenture’s Global Consumer Pulse Research in 2013 suggests that 89% of consumers use at least one digital channel when prospecting, with an average using three.

Jones says of Telstra Cloud Contact Centre – Genesys that “Because it’s a complete cloud-based solution, customers will also be able to easily manage peaks in demand and unexpected events.

“Within minutes, it will now be able to increase agent resources to meet [demands]. Cloud Contact Centre lets you easily choose to re-direct calls to other locations to ensure the right call is answered by the relevant agent around the globe.”

Regarding the partnership between Genesys and Telstra, Paul Segre, President and CEO, said Telstra will help it extend beyond enterprise customers into the mid market in the Asia Pacific region.

Through this partnership more customers will have access to leading contact centre technologies featuring low up-front capital requirements, simple deployment, high levels of security and responsive scalability,” Segre said. “We are bringing world-class customer experience solutions to a wider range of organisations.”

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