Transurban call centre jobs now safe

Transurban call centre jobs now safe - or are they?

Transurban call centre jobs are still going overseas

After a massive public backlash, Transurban call centre jobs are now safe from their call centre offshoring plans as reported in our recent article.

Sounds good right?

Well not really.

All they have really committed to is ensuring that no call centre employees will face a forced redundancy.

The call centre is still be moved offshore.

The Courier-Mail reported that TOLL roads company Transurban has promised to find a job for any call centre staff who do not want to take voluntary redundancy.

The no-sack guarantee, given at meetings with workers and union representatives, follows a revelation in The Courier-Mail that the firm plans to offshore jobs to the Philippines after laying off two-thirds of its Brisbane call centre staff.

Transurban’s Queensland group general manager Wes Ballantine said he had almost enough volunteers for the 100 positions to be axed and the company had decided not to enforce any compulsory redundancies.

“Anyone who wants a job has a job,” he said.

Workers will be kept on at the Eight Mile Plains call centre, which is expected to retain about 50 positions to handle more complex inquiries.

Transurban – which operates the Gateway/Logan motorways, CLEM7 tunnel, Go-Between Bridge and yet-to-open Legacy Way tunnel – says the offshore option gives it more flexibility as more people use online and self-service options.

The company is also closing its customer service centre at Murarrie, leaving motorists with nowhere to go for face-to-face inquiries about toll issues.

Together union assistant secretary Irene Monro said customers had a right to face-to-face service.

Please note that Transurban rebranded to Linkt in July 2018. If you’d like to contact Linkt their number is 13 33 31

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