What is a Knowledge Management Tool?

How a Knowledge Management Tool can help your call centre

With the complexity of the calls continuing to increase (thanks to self-service reducing the simple ones) the call centre agent is finding it increasingly difficult to adequately support better-informed customers. 

Outdated Sharepoint sites or intranets, endless Word documents, manuals all over the desk and let’s not forget copious amounts of stick notes plastered all over a monitor all make it difficult for call centres agents to find the exact answer they need, with high confidence, to help them service the customers.

Thankfully call centre managers have a new tool that is transforming the customer experience that can make the above seen a relic of the past – a Knowledge Management Tool.

Knowledge Management Tools or Systems are becoming a key component of the modern contact centre delivering a range of benefits including:

The above are all pretty big-ticket items and unlike other emerging technology, Knowledge Management Tools have proven results and are surprisingly affordable.

In this podcast, I talk to Brad Shaw, CEO of Livepro to dig under the bonnet about Knowledge Management Tools including what they are, how they work and why your business should have one.

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