Best call centre memes for 2017

Best call centre memes for 2017

The Top 10 Call Centre Memes for 2017

We’ve crunched all the data from our Call Centre Legends page to determine the best call centre memes for 2017.

Now there are about a zillion ways to measure things on Facebook so we decided to use a metric called engagement.

Basically how many likes, comments, shares etc each meme received.

See, stats and stuff did come in handy đŸ™‚

So if you want to enjoy a good laugh about all things call centres we hope you enjoy our 10 best call centre memes for 2017 below.

The 10 best call centre memes for 2017

10. Good to celebrate your achievements 

Not stabbing anyone call centre meme


9. Just heartbreaking


systems are down call centre meme


8. So true!


Recent efforts at work meme 2019


7. Nailed it!


Expect it for free meme 2019


6. Actually, that probably happens way before the end of my shift!


Sums up most shifts meme 2019


5. Never did learn much at school ?


My teacher always told me call centre meme 2019


4. Yes, some people are that stupid…


No capital numbers call centre meme 2019


3. As if we’d ever do that ?


Place you on hold call centre meme 2019


2. The truth is now out there…


Why I really place customers on hold call centre meme 2019

And #1 for 2017 is another reminder that call centres are a great place to make some friends for life ?

Tag a coworker call centre meme 2019


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