Careers Australia call centre closes suddenly

Careers Australia Call Centre announces immediate closure

Careers Australia call centre shuts the doors

Sad news at any time, but particularly tough at this time of the year as word filtered through the Careers Australia call centre announcing yesterday that they are closing their Parramatta NSW and Southport QLD call centres with about 200 call centre staff to lose their jobs.

Whilst staff understood there was a review being undertaken by management, the employees had been reassured their jobs were safe.

Sadly however it was reported that staff in the Parramatta office were called into a meeting on Wednesday morning and told they were losing their jobs.

It was a similar story in Southport with staff called into a quick meeting and asked to vacate the premises.

In a statement, Careers Australia said it would honour all of the rights of its sacked workers.

Careers Australia will move to consolidate its telesales function in 2017,” a company statement said.

“We are in the process of consulting affected staff and will honour all statutory entitlements, as well as provide out-placement assistance for longer-term employees,” it read. “These decisions are never taken lightly but are necessary to ensure we can continue to deliver high-quality vocational education and training in a sector undergoing significant regulatory reform.”

It is also understood their Philippines call centre will also be closing.

The news comes on the back of a pretty horrible month for the Australian call centre industry with veteran call centre outsourcer Customers 1 to 1 announcing their imminent closure, IAG – who represent brands such as NRMA, CGU, SGIO announcing plans to send their call centre jobs overseas to cheaper destinations and iiNet recently decided to close one of their smaller call centres in Sydney.

So can we expect the trend to continue?

I hope not!

As we reported a couple of weeks back, despite some of the doom and gloom of recent months there is plenty to be excited about in the Australian contact centre industry [click here to read the article].

A renewed focus on the entire customer experience journey puts the contact centre in the prime position to have a significant influence on both the customer experience and with the advent of improved self-serve technology, a positive influence on reducing operational expense at the same time.

After 26 years in the call centre industry the one constant is change – and more than ever, as an industry we not only embrace it – we thrive on it!

So bring it on.

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