Chief Experience Officer emerges as a new role

Chief Experience Officer emerges as a new role

The Chief Experience Officer arrives 

According to research by, the Chief Experience Officer has emerged as a new role as the power shift towards consumers and organisations are forced to focus on customer service to guarantee growth.

Chief marketing officers and chief information officers are increasingly turning to the emerging role of chief experience officer to foster greater customer service, according to new research.

The latest Accenture Interactive survey, Cutting Across the CMO-CIO Divide: Digital drives a new wave of collaboration, found that 35% of Australian CMOs and 25% of CIOs say the creation of a ‘CeXO’ role was a priority for improving collaboration across the two functions.

The position was described as potentially a board-level role that owned the customer, with responsibility for a combined team spanning customer-facing IT, marketing, product development, sales and customer service.

Core benefits cited in creating such a role include delivering better products and services, improving customer service, driving brand value, loyalty and advocacy, and increasing revenue growth and cost and performance transparency.

With call and contact centre managers typically closest to the customer and running large operations, the future could be very bright for senior contact centre managers to finally move into the C-Level suite of roles.

And that has to be a good thing for the customer experience!

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