Specialist CX and Call Centre Consultants provide a range of services to help design, improve or optimise your call centre or customer experience.

Prices for Specialist CX and Call Centre Consultants 

We often get asked what are the standard rates for consultants in Australia that specialise in contact centres or CX?

I think this quote says it best:

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do a job, wait until you hire an amateur!

In our experience, rates range from around $800 through to around $5,000 per day which is obviously quite a big range.

The rates vary due to:

  • Experience (everything from a couple of years experience through to decades)
  • Agency or private (Private as a rule are a bit cheaper as they don’t have the same overheads)
  • Type of specialisation (refer below)

Of course, you can also save a bunch of money and consult with the experts already in your business…

Just go and ask your frontline staff what needs to be fixed – you’d be surprised how much they know!

Types of CX and Call Centre Consultants

With regards to contact centres, there are generalists who have a holistic view of the various elements of contact centres through to specialists – experts at discrete areas like Workforce Optimisation, Training Programs, Customer Journey Mapping, Gamification, Technology etc.

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Customer Experience (CX) is also the same. According to the CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association) there are six core areas of knowledge:

  • Customer-Centric Culture
  • Voice of the Customer, Customer Insight, and Understanding
  • Organizational Adoption and Accountability
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Experience Design, Improvement, and Innovation
  • Metrics, Measurement, and ROI

CX Consultants may specialise in one or two of the above competencies, or provide skills and experience across all domains.

The best place to find CX & Call Centre consultants?

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