Call Recording

Call Recording is the ability to record and retrieve the entire conversation with the customer.

Can also be combined with Screen Capture which enables you ‘see’ what the call centre agent is doing on their screen at the same time.

Particularly useful when dealing in areas with high compliance (like insurance or banking) as well as providing some protection for the business and the customer in situations where it is a “he said, she said” scenario.

Call recording technology is also useful (and fundamental) for coaching frontline agents and for any performance management processes.

Call Recording and payments

When you have enabled call recording in a call centre, you need to be particularly careful if you are taking credit card payments over the phone.

Most modern call centre systems now have call recording built in, but not all systems enable the agent to stop recording while credit card payments are being processed.

New call recording technology also enables all credit card information to be redacted from the call recording improving compliance and efficiency.

In short, if you are taking payments over the phone to ensure you also need to ensure you are PCI-DSS compliant.

What should you do with your call recordings?

Unless you’ve got hours to listen to call recordings you might want to check out the power of Speech Analytics.

Speech Analytics will enable you to unlock the power in your voice recordings and provide you with an unprecedented insight into agent performance, customer sentiment as well as identify trends etc.

Next steps

If you need to update your call centre platform or find Speech Analytics suppliers you will find some great solutions in our Business Directory or if you need a hand in determining the right solution for you, try our free CX Connect service.

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