Using call centre technology to improve productivity

Call centre technology to improve productivity

Using call centre technology to improve productivity

Enhancing call centre productivity depends largely on the type of tools used for the job.

If effective and collaborative means are implemented, efficiency and productivity are almost guaranteed to increase.

In today’s technology market, there is no shortage in the range of choices of call centre software with a multitude of capabilities fit for your centre needs.

Choosing the right package is only the start of implementing progressive changes in your company.

Because of this, you have to make sure you start right by building the correct foundation.

3 Tips for using call centre technology to improve productivity:

1. Implement a browser-based call centre software

This is the foremost step in ensuring you stay competitive and well equipped with the latest technology.

Employing system software that can be accessed online (a Hosted PBX) comes with a number of advantages.

One, it creates a flexible environment for the workforce.

Instead of being expected to commute to work every day, they can work from home or a place with internet connectivity.

Because of this, you are able to employ a larger number of agents without being limited by inadequate office space or proximity of the worker to the workstation.

This software comes with measuring and control capabilities for managers to keep track of metrics in order to optimise feedback.

2. Maximise the ability of skills-based routing

Preparing to use Skills-Based Routing begins at the call centre agent training stage.

By training agents for different areas of expertise, you can distribute them accordingly and ensure that calls are routed efficiently to the right agent who will resolve the issue quicker.

After setting up different departments of skills, calls can be directly linked to the concerned department to expedite the process.

This gets rid of unnecessary call forwarding that results in time-consuming wait-listing.

3. Use an automated power dialler

Using an Outbound Dialler enables a streamlined outgoing call system by eliminating time-consuming one by one calling.

It is done by enabling a list of outgoing calls in a preferred order set by the agent.

This tool automates the outbound calling process by moving through the list as calls are completed.

Depending on the agent’s preference, he or she arranges the list of calls and does not have to dial manually for each one of them.

During the automated call to the contact, available information about him or her will be displayed to make the call more appropriate and productive.

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