Update on BMS Interactive closure

Update on BMS closure

Latest Update on BMS Interactive closing its doors

As we reported on 15 March 2017 we can now confirm that Melbourne based call centre outsourcer BMS Interactive has permanently closed its doors.

In a post on LinkedIn CEO Andrew Brydon shared the following:

“Last week I made the very difficult decision to place BMS Interactive (BMS) into voluntary liquidation after almost 18 years since founding the company.

During this time the BMS team achieved great success as well as overcoming numerous challenges. Whilst adapting and embracing many of the changes over the years, ultimately there have been just too many in only a short space of time, (DNCR, off-shoring, in-sourcing, various online channels, and the removal of technology barriers through SaaS and cloud based diallers), have unfortunately led BMS to this point.

I would like to acknowledge all of the BMS staff, our clients and supply partners that have been part of the BMS family, without your contribution we would not have been able to achieve what we did.

I also strongly recommend the BMS team to any prospective employers and if there are any opportunities in the market for BMS staff please InMail me via LinkedIn.

Finally thank you to all those who have left messages of support, your kind words are very much appreciated during this period, please stay in touch”.

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