Interview with Maksim Lukascuk

Interview with Maksim Lukascuk, Sales Engineering Manager, Avaya (Nordic Region)

Host of the CX Central Podcast Justin Tippett interviews Maksim Lukascuk, Sales Engineering Manager, Avaya (Nordic Region)

Maksim has extensive experience in contact centre technology delivering a range of large and complex CX and EX projects for Avaya.

But in additional to be an expert at contact centre technology, Maksim has also gained his CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional) qualifications that give him a unique insight into using technology to improve the customer experience (and how the two are intertwined).

In this podcast the following topics are discussed:

  • Contact centre and CX technology –
  • Automation –
  • Cloud adoption –
  • Customer Experience (CX)

To learn more about the course Maksim completed to prepare for his CCXP certification visit:

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