MaxContact Completes Outbound Call Centre Software

MaxContact Completes Outbound Call Centre Software

Surge Direct deploys MaxContact Call Centre Software

Brisbane, 22 February 2021 – Surge Direct, one of Australia’s fastest-growing sales and marketing companies, has announced the deployment of the MaxContact cloud contact centre outbound dialler solution to amplify client fundraising programs and accelerate company growth in the years ahead.

Surge Direct was established in 2017 and has rapidly become one of the most successful and highly esteemed direct sales and marketing companies across the country.

The organisation specialises in donor acquisition and drives success by providing long-term, quality registrations for its clients.

MaxContact will now support up to 24 telefundraisers at the company’s headquarters in Brisbane in a strategy aimed at providing a complementary service to Surge Direct’s existing face-to-face donor services.

“The decision to deploy MaxContact was partly based on the experience of seeing MaxContact successfully in action in another not-for-profit organisation,” says Markus Pedersen, Call Centre Manager, Surge Direct.  “However, one of the most appealing features of MaxContact is that it is a cloud-based platform.  This meant there was no requirement for us to deploy and manage new servers to support the application.  We were also impressed with its ability to be rapidly deployed, rich reporting functionality, support for API-driven applications and easy customisation for individual client requirements.  This all in one cloud contact centre functionality and ticked all the boxes we were looking for in an outbound dialler solution.”



MaxContact uses an auto–dialler that allows call centres to remove answer machines and disconnected numbers, allowing agents to convert more leads as well as easily switch between dialling modes.

The solution’s predictive dialing algorithm dials multiple simultaneous lines to maximise productivity, passing the agent the next call the moment they are ready.

A preview dialler feature presents agents with key lead information before the system places a call, or the agent clicks to dial, allowing them to know the key facts and be prepared for the call with the contacted lead.

In addition, a predictive to progressive feature allows contact centres to set the threshold in which the dialler will automatically switch modes when a set amount of staff are logged on, helping to avoid a spike in dropped calls.

Surge Direct will also be able to create unlimited, customisable and protected Do Not Call Lists as well as establish campaigns with different list balances and specify certain geographic areas, age ranges, genders or targeting based on historical donations.

“MaxContact will provide us with the flexibility in being able to scale up and scale down and customise the outbound dialler for our own client requirements.  We have already deployed a campaign for a client in Western Australia and been able to provide detailed and customised reporting, as well as attrition and retention analysis, including number of attempts, results and call outs.

“With MaxContact you have a supplier that is proven, has the technical expertise and can call on their senior management for advice as well as both pre- and post -sales technical support.  This provides all the ingredients for absolute success.  Overall, MaxContact is now a very powerful tool that supports our operations and we anticipate it will become even more valuable as we continue our growth and improve our levels of client service in the future,” says Pedersen.

About MaxContact

Built from the ground up by industry professionals, MaxContact has rapidly become one of the fastest-growing next-generation contact centre specialists with a range of integrated solutions including intelligent routing, business analytics, inbound, outbound, configuration, IVR automation, quality call recording, speech analytics, scripting and workforce management.  We are home to over 100 million interactions every month.

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