MaxContact Release Microsoft Teams Integration

MaxContact Release Microsoft Teams Integration

MaxContact Launch Microsoft Teams Integration

Sydney, 30 March 2021 – MaxContact, the all-in-one cloud contact centre suite solution, today announced the availability of MaxContact for Microsoft Teams.

The MaxContact solution now allows contact centre agents to interact with customers from any Teams endpoint and helps contact centre agents and business users communicate and collaborate more effectively.

“The combination of Microsoft Teams and the MaxContact software will provide a powerful new way for customer and employee collaboration and offers users a rich and integrated communications experience,” said Daniel Harding, Director – Australia Operations, MaxContact.

“MaxContact is adding significant value to enterprise communications by enabling businesses to better connect people, information and business processes and to gain deeper contact centre interaction insight.”

The integration will provide the capacity for Microsoft Teams users to now access the powerful MaxContact Outbound Dialler and MaxContact Inbound call handling and omnichannel features.

This will enable organisations to propel agent performance, resolve customer issues faster, facilitate customer engagement workflows and support ongoing digital transformation and collaboration.

In order to enable MaxContact and Microsoft Teams to work together, users require Microsoft Office 365 licenses as well as the Microsoft Phone System License required to enable PSTN Calling.

Entrust ICT Partnership

At the same time, MaxContact has partnered with Entrust ICT, a leading provider of information and communication technology solutions specialising in network and cloud-based applications, to facilitate successful end-user interworking of its call centre software with Microsoft Teams.

Vincent Kennedy, CEO, Entrust ICT, said, “Entrust ICT and MaxContact have been working closely together for two years in Australia and are always on the lookout on how to provide value to our partners and end-users.

We could see that the market was demanding an interworking solution that could support Microsoft Teams, whilst still giving the benefits of a  contact centre solution which provides feature functionality such as dialler, analytics, reporting, and other channels such as chat and email.”



Harding added, “Our customers come to us for high-quality unified contact centre solutions that offer the most up-to-date features.  By working with Microsoft, we feel confident that our all-in-one communications software will provide users of Microsoft Teams with enhanced functionality and significant value.

“At the same time, our interests are in delivering specific solutions that solve real business problems.  We look forward to working with the highly skilled and experienced team at Entrust ICT to deliver a well-defined Microsoft Teams integration that provides practical benefits to organisations as well as prospects considering the value of a collaboration and contact centre implementation.”

About MaxContact

Built from the ground up by industry professionals, MaxContact has rapidly become one of the fastest-growing next-generation contact centre specialists with a range of integrated solutions including intelligent routing, business analytics, inbound, outbound, configuration, IVR automation, quality call recording, speech analytics, scripting and workforce management.

We are home to over 100 million interactions every month.

For further information, please visit or email or call 1300 570 703.

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