Contact Centre Mythbusting Part 2

Contact Centre Management Mythbusters Pt2 with Daniel Ord and Justin Tippett

Contact Centre Mythbusting Part 2

Global experts Justin Tippett and Daniel Ord join forces again in the Contact Centre Mythbusting Part 2 to bust some contact centre management myths focussing on success metrics including AHT, Occupancy and more!

If you’re in a contact centre manager role (or aspire to be) there’s plenty of gold nuggets in this podcast including:

  • The metrics you shouldn’t be using for agents (and why) including:
    • Occupancy
    • AHT
    • Number of Calls
  • Why Adherence to Schedule is so important
  • The ‘Pooling Principle’
  • Normalisation and True Calls Per Hour
  • The correlation between AHT and quality
  • Why intervals are so important
You can also listen to Episode 1 where they bust some myths about Customer Wait Times



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