The real value of your customer service job

The real value of your customer service job

Why your customer service job is so important

With contact centres often the only touch point for dealing with customers, now more than ever that sole experience can define the customer’s entire perception of that brand.

By providing superior customer service and using genuine kindness, you can change someone’s day (or life). Every interaction is a chance to celebrate and represent your brand.

As a customer service trainer, one of my biggest goals is to make sure my trainees understand the power they have to influence our culture.

The real value of any customer service job is the ability to make or break our brand with every step (or call!) they take.

I organised to go to the theatre with a bunch of friends, for a three-hour play. Yes, three hours. What was I thinking?! My friend was the leading role so I promised to go.

The Saturday came, along with a migraine.

I was the organiser so I knew I couldn’t cancel.

After a couple of pain relief tablets, I booked my discount theatre parking in town. An hour later my friend called and suggested she drive and pick me up as she also had parking.

So, I never used my park. With lots of water and patience, I got through the play.

The next day I felt better and I emailed the parking company and advised my situation.

I didn’t have any expectations for a refund but thought I’d give it a go anyway.

First of all, I received an automated response saying I would receive a follow up as soon as possible. That was a tick straight away.

I highly recommend an automated response or receipt of response for all businesses.

It helps the sender alleviate any concern that their time and effort for communication has not been wasted and that it will be looked at. (Of course, if it is email you can check you’re sent items but that’s not the same).

One simple example of the real value of your customer service job

To my surprise, before I even got to work Monday morning, I received a personalised email from Wilson Parking team member, Janet, who advised that there should be a credit in my account that day for the parking.

Janet also went that bit further by saying the company appreciated my business and that they hope to help again in the future.

This was another tick. There were no questions or need to re-enter my bank card details and by lunch, the money was back in my account.

This simple, straightforward service communication with the team at Wilson had created a good feeling for me. I like that.

I call that good feeling my ‘customer experience’ which results in how I view the Wilson brand.

Every time I drive past Wilson Parking, I view them in a positive light – I remember the ‘feeling’ that Janet and the team created.

Like Maya Angelou says, “people will forget what you did, people will forget what you said, but they will never forget how they made them feel”.

If I didn’t get my money back or didn’t hear back from Wilson Parking, I suspect I would feel annoyed every time I drive past them.

My customer experience would have been poor and I’d have to be reminded of that when I really do not want to feel that way again. Because of Janet and the team, I would have no issues with using Wilson Parking in the future.

In fact, I would choose them over anybody else because I feel safe and I trust them.

If we always keep Maya’s quote in front of mind, we are more likely to go the extra mile for our customers.

After all, I doubt anyone truly wants to go to work to create negative feelings for their customers.

Do not underestimate the real value of your customer service job – the endless opportunities to make others feel good.

Use your powers wisely.

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